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Hypoxia-Related Birth Injuries

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When a child does not receive sufficient oxygen during the delivery process, this can lead to severe implications and injuries. Lack of oxygen during birth is an injury known as “hypoxia.” It is the responsibility of attending medical professionals and other care providers to ensure that your child has sufficient oxygen and does not suffer oxygen loss during, before, or after delivery. If they fail to do so, it could result in devastating consequences for a child.

Some causes of oxygen loss or hypoxia during delivery may include:

  • Shoulder dystocia
  • Failure to monitor the baby properly during labor / delivery
  • Ignoring signs of fetal distress
  • Cardiovascular collapse
  • Injuries to the umbilical cord, or umbilical cord prolapse
  • Congenital heart disease
  • Placental insufficiency
  • Abnormalities in the brain’s blood vessels
  • Infection
  • Placental abruption

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Quick Treatment Can Prevent Permanent Injury

If a child does suffer from hypoxia, the results can be serious. Brain injury can be caused by oxygen loss, and this can progress into a condition that affects the child for the rest of his / her life.

Some of the conditions related to hypoxia may include:

If hypoxia does occur, the doctor must supply immediate treatment to prevent the injury from becoming permanent.

Treatments options include:

  • Hypo-or-hyperthermia management
  • Fluid management
  • Ventilation
  • Cooling therapy

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