Lawsuits for Intubation Errors

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While most births occur without incident, there are a number of labors that experience some kind of complication. One of these complications is decreased oxygen supply during labor or delivery. When this happens, doctors may consider some kind of intubation in order to begin their resuscitation efforts and get the baby breathing normally. This procedure is usually fairly simple, but there are unfortunate situations in which errors and mistakes can occur.

Intubation errors include:

  • Delayed intubation
  • Intubation into the esophagus instead of trachea
  • Damage of the trachea
  • Failure to intubate

An intubation error can cause serious damage, especially if not performed in a timely manner. During the labor, if there are potential signs that the baby may need intubation, there should be a trained medical professional available to perform the procedure right away. If the hospital fails to provide this, they may be held accountable for their negligence and the cause of your baby’s birth injury.

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Neonatal Resuscitation Errors

Neonatal refers to newborns. When a baby is born and is not breathing properly or at all, it is important to make sure immediate resuscitation is provided. Failure to perform resuscitation in a timely manner is considered an error and can be cause for significant birth injuries. Doctors and nurses have resuscitation procedures that they are to follow such as using the proper technique — either intubation or mask — and when to perform the procedure. If this is not followed, it can be considered negligence.

Damages Associated with Intubation Errors

If a baby requires intubation and the doctor either makes a mistake or fails to administer oxygen in time, it can result in severe damage. For instance, if the doctor inserts the breathing tube in the esophagus instead of the trachea, meaning that the oxygen is going into the stomach rather than the lungs. This can mean the baby is still getting no oxygen, and can still suffer a possible stomach tear, brain damage, or even death. Failure to provide oxygen in time could result in the baby not getting enough oxygen for a prolonged period of time. This can cause serious neurological damage as well as other injuries such as:

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