Dallas Wrongful Death Lawyer

Passionate & Kind: Representation for Texas Families

Losing a loved one in an accident is tragic and painful—something we don’t need to tell you. If you are reading this page, you may have already experienced the pain of loss. You know what it is like to lose a loved one in an accident. No one can describe or measure your pain: it is yours alone.

At Aldous \ Walker, our hearts go out to you during this time. We want to stand with you and to help protect your rights. We have years of experience—Attorney Charla Aldous alone has tried over 200 cases.

We know how to fight for you, and our results show we know how to win.

The factors that set our firm apart, however, go above and beyond our experience levels. We are knowledgeable, yes, and experienced. But most importantly, we are passionate. We believe in our work, and we believe in our clients. We treat our clients like family and we fight for the results they deserve because we care.

Types of Wrongful Death Cases We Handle

Our firm takes on a broad range of wrongful death cases, including those involving:

If your loved one was killed in an accident, speak with a Dallas attorney about the legal ramifications of your case. You could be entitled to compensation. Losing a loved one is brutal: achieving justice on his / her behalf could help you find some peace, knowing what happened to your loved one won’t happen to anyone else. Addressing the financial aspect of your loss means you can focus on being with your family and on healing—not on money worries.

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