Fatal Greyhound Bus Accident

Aldous \ Walker LLP Recovers $20M For the Family of the Man Killed In a Fatal Greyhound Bus Accident

Attorneys Charla Aldous, Brent Walker & Caleb Miller represented the parents of Hunter Brown in a wrongful death lawsuit after Mr. Brown was tragically run over by a Greyhound bus at a rest stop in Oregon. Mr. Brown had been a passenger on the bus, but when the driver began to pull away before he boarded, he tried in vain to get the driver’s attention. The driver struck Mr. Brown, resulting in his untimely death. Hunter Brown was only 25 years old.

Upon hearing the details of this case, a Dallas County District Jury found the bus company, Greyhound Lines Inc. liable for Hunter Brown’s death and awarded Mr. Brown’s parents, Dr. Barry Brown and Paula Becker, $20 million in compensatory damages.

The evidence Attorney Aldous presented at the trial, with the help of Attorneys Brent Walker & Caleb Miller, showed the jury that the bus driver’s negligence ultimately caused Brown’s death. The Greyhound driver, Arthur Coley, failed to take a headcount before leaving the rest stop, and as a result, Brown was left to try to flag the bus down to prevent it from leaving him behind.

In Attorney Aldous’ own words, “This was a horrible, entirely preventable tragedy. Greyhound has an obligation to keep its passengers safe. That certainly was not the case here.”

Despite what occurred, Greyhound continued to employ Coley after Brown’s death and did little to reprimand him for the accident, despite the fact that he went against company policy by failing to perform a headcount. The company told the driver he needed to take headcounts of his passengers in the future, though Coley remained under their employ and Greyhound did not charge his driving record. Coley was later terminated from Greyhound for a separate incident where he allegedly broke the cell phone of a person waiting at a bus terminal when Coley noticed they were recording a video of Coley being rude to his passengers.

After two long years, parents Dr. Barry Brown and Paula Becker can finally put this incident behind them and find peace knowing that those liable for their son’s death have been brought to justice. In a joint statement, Hunter Brown’s parents said, “We are grateful to the jury for seeing the horrible actions of this bus driver and the company’s irresponsibility for continuing to employ him. We hope Greyhound changes its policies to make sure this doesn’t happen to another family.”

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