Charla Aldous Selected to Elite Lawdragon Legends List for 2019

At Aldous \ Walker LLP, we always strive to offer the highest quality of legal representation for our clients, whether they’ve been injured by a negligent driver or left with serious birth injuries during delivery. As one of our fearless fighters for justice, Attorney Charla Aldous has recently been selected to join the Lawdragon Legends list for 2019, joining only 29 other top lawyers from across the country – including Supreme Court Justices Elena Kagan and Samuel Alito.

Described by the Lawdragon team as “the most elite of the nation’s elite lawyers,” those who make the Lawdragon Legends list are virtually unparalleled in their respective fields, serving as inspiring leaders in various areas of the law. From bringing historic product liability lawsuits to fighting human rights violations, these champions of justice are known for their skill, tenacity, and courtroom abilities.

To make the Lawdragon Legends list, a candidate must have been included in the Lawdragon 500 Leading Lawyers in America at least 10 times. Selection to the Lawdragon 500 is no easy feat in itself: Candidates must first be nominated by noted law firms and then chosen after extensive editorial research by the Lawdragon staff.

On behalf of our entire team here at Aldous \ Walker LLP, we’d like to congratulate Attorney Charla Aldous on this significant accomplishment. Thanks to her tireless work on behalf of sex abuse victims and injured consumers, Attorney Aldous has truly earned her place among the most talented attorneys of our generation.

Standing Up on Behalf of Injury Victims

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