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Were You Injured Due To a Prescription Mistake?

Medication is used to treat a plethora of diseases and illnesses. When used properly, it can save lives. However, doctors have a responsibility to prescribe medication accurately and effectively. If they do not, extensive injuries and potential death can occur. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates 82% of American adults use medication and 29% take more than five prescriptions. Of that number, 700,000 emergencies occur because of adverse drug events.

Medication errors pose a great risk to the patient’s health. While doctors and pharmacists have protocols they must adhere to ensure safety, they can make mistakes. These prescription errors can cause severe injuries and wrongful death. If you or a loved one suffered because of a medication error, our Dallas medical malpractice attorneys can help. We have experience representing victims of medical negligence or mistakes.

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Causes and Effects of Prescription Errors

Because of the vast number of medications that are prescribed every day, pharmacists are busy. They can make a mistake that can negatively affect your health.

Common medication errors are:

  • Adverse drug interaction – There are some medications that should not be mixed together. For example, blood thinners and aspirin should not be taken together. Same goes for antidepressants and methadone. Certain ingredients or qualities of a prescription can negate or reduce the effectiveness of another. Some medicine can produce harmful reactions if mixed together.
  • Wrong Prescriptions – In some cases, the pharmacist may misread the prescription from the doctor. They might fill in the wrong order or prescribe the incorrect medication. A pharmacist should double check the name on the bottle and discuss the effects of the drugs.
  • Not Checking Medical History – Doctors must check a patient’s medical history before prescribing certain medications. If they assign a patient medication that they are allergic to, it can cause serious damage. This is an oversight that should never be made.
  • Not Divulging Pertinent Information – When prescribing medication, doctors and pharmacists should make sure the patient understands why they are being given that treatment and what are the risks. The patient should also be told the dosage and any side-effects that may occur. Failing to do so can be seen as negligence.

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