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Doctors are responsible for the care of all their patients. Their education and practice provide them with an insight into the human body and its medical conditions. However, doctors are not perfect. They are humans who make mistakes. One of their most common missteps is when they fail to diagnose a condition, injury, or illness. Diagnosis failure is not a simple oversight; it is negligence that can cause extensive injuries or death.

Having your health deteriorate because your physician failed to diagnose your condition is unacceptable. The pain is made worse when the symptoms could have been prevented from getting worse. If your doctor did not appropriately examine your ailments, they cannot give a comprehensive diagnosis. If you were injured because your doctor failed to diagnose a serious condition, you may be able to seek compensation. Our Dallas failure to diagnose attorneys are here to help.

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Common Conditions Doctors Fail to Diagnose

When an individual goes into the doctor’s office, they are entitled to a comprehensive examination. The physicians and hospital staff have a duty to care for their patients and ensure that all the proper tests are done and properly read. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. Doctors can miss key symptoms that can reveal serious illnesses.

Heart attack – Doctors frequently fail to diagnose heart attacks because the symptoms can match those of other illnesses. Women, in particular, do not display common indications for the attack. Doctors who do not pay attention can easily fail to recognize the signs.

Cancer – Given the number of cancers a person can have, it can be difficult to narrow down the symptoms. However, if not diagnosed in a timely manner, cancer can progress and prove fatal.

Stroke – Strokes are one of the most common medical incidents in the United States. National Institutes of Health estimate that about 10 to 20% if strokes are fatal. If not diagnosed appropriately, they can take an extensive toll on one’s health.

Doctors should be aware of the warning signs, symptoms, and risk factors for a variety of conditions. They should be able to analyze test results and understand what they mean. If they fail to do this, they can put their patient in further harm.

Do You Have a Case?

While doctors should be held accountable for their mistakes, not all incidents will lead to a medical malpractice case. In order for your case to go to court, you must be able to show that your doctors or hospital staff were negligent in some way. Their inaction or mistakes must have caused serious injury or wrongful death. Without those characteristics, you probably do not have a case. However, if you did sustain a major injury or if someone you love died because the doctors failed to diagnose their condition, you may be eligible for compensation!

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At Aldous \ Walker, our failure to diagnose attorneys in Dallas have years of experience assisting victims of medical negligence and inaction. Our past cases include an incident where a failed diagnosis left a child paralyzed. We take the time to understand where our clients are coming from and what they have endured. This makes us sympathetic to their pain and motivates us to work hard on their behalf.

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