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Seriously Injured Due To An Anesthesia Error?

When an individual is set to undergo a surgical procedure, they may have to be administered anesthesia. Unfortunately, there are times when medical professionals and anesthesia experts make mistakes during the process. When this happens, the patient can suffer serious damage as a result. Anesthesia errors are often more dangerous than other kinds of medical malpractice because of the severity of injury that can occur.

When an anesthesiologist commits a mistake or error, they are acting in negligence. Before even administering anesthesia, the anesthesiologist may fail to check the medical history of the patient to see if there may be any kind of complications. They may also fail to discuss the possible risks associated with instructions before the administration of anesthesia. These are mistakes that can happen and leave the patient at risk of serious injury.

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Statistics Regarding Anesthesia Errors

Any time an anesthesia error occurs, it should be a cause for concern because of the potential damages that may arise. There are a number of errors that have occurred in the past and these numbers can be alarming, especially considering how often people go through surgical procedures. The Journal of Healthcare Risk Management conducted a study regarding anesthesia mistake claims from 2007 to 2012 examining 607 cases. The results showed the types of damages that claims involved.

Of the cases studied, anesthesia mistakes resulted in the following types of injuries:

  • Teeth damage – 20.8%
  • Death – 18.3%
  • Nerve damage – 13.5%
  • Organ damage – 12.7%
  • Pain – 10.9%
  • Cardiac arrest – 10.7%

These numbers show that anesthesia mistakes are a real risk and individuals who are harmed often have to deal with serious or even fatal consequences. During the same period, a majority of the claims occurred in hospitals with fewer than 100 beds. If you are undergoing a surgical procedure, it is important to make sure the anesthesiologist fully informs you of the risks. The doctor and anesthesiologist should also thoroughly evaluate your medical history beforehand to avoid complications.

What Counts As an Anesthesia Error?

Anesthesia mistakes can occur in many forms, all having various effects on the patient. For instance, the anesthesiologist or another medical professional may not properly intubate a patient. They may also use equipment that hasn’t been maintained or checked for defects. Another possible anesthesia mistake is not checking the patient’s vitals and reaction to the anesthesia. It is also possible for the anesthesiologist to either not administer enough anesthesia, or administer too much. This can also cause serious problems for the patient.

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