Defective Seatbelt

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Did Your Seatbelt Fail To Work As Intended?

Cars have consistently implemented new safety features in an ongoing attempt to provide the safest environment possible in the event of a crash, and one of the most important devices is the seatbelt. While millions of people still suffer injuries every year, increased crackdowns on driving without a seatbelt has helped push those numbers closer towards encouraging territory. In most cases, these safety devices work as intended and keep vehicle occupants safely strapped down on impact – however, manufacturing, design and maintenance defects could result in its failure at the worst moment possible.

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You may be able to file a lawsuit to secure compensation to cover the expenses of any injuries you suffered in a car crash if your seatbelt failed to work as intended. At Aldous \ Walker LLP, our Dallas defective seat belt lawyers have decades of experience handling these types of cases, and are ready and waiting to hear the details of your situation so we can help you prepare a plan of action and take the necessary steps moving forwards. Contact us today to begin discussing your case with a member of our firm.

Defective Seatbelts Put Lives At Risk

Seatbelts save about 12,000 lives every year according to federally recorded statistics on motor vehicle accidents, usually by preventing what officials refer to as the “second collision”. The first collision is the initial impact between your vehicle and the object it came in contact with. The second collision is the impact between the inside of the vehicle and its occupants, which can include:

  • Steering wheels
  • Dashboards
  • Roofs
  • Windshields
  • Windows

Studies have found that these secondary impacts cause the most damage to people in a crash. Seatbelts are designed to automatically lock in place in the event of a collision, and when they fail it dramatically increases the chances of a secondary collision, even if airbags deploy as intended. Some of the most common defects resulting in failure include:

  • Faulty locking retractors
  • Unlatching when pulled at or tugged on
  • Appearing to be latched when it is not
  • Providing insufficient tension during a collision

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Suffering a serious injury in a car crash can be an incredibly stressful experience, and it may become even more so when your injuries were caused by a device we trust to keep us safe fails. Our Dallas product liability attorneys at Aldous \ Walker LLP have fought for the rights of injured victims for decades, and have successfully recovered more than $1 billion in verdicts and settlements for our clients over that time.

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