Dallas Burn Injury Lawyer

Protecting Your Rights After an Accident

Burn injuries can be caused by many different types of accidents. These accidents can be severe and the results are often dangerous, widespread, and long lasting. The most important thing to do is to receive the medical care you need. An important part of your recovery may also be speaking with an attorney about your legal rights.

What Types of Accidents Cause Burn Injuries?

Many different types of accidents and events can result in burn injuries—including the following:

If you or a loved one suffered a serious burn injury, the first step should always be receiving appropriate medical help and therapy. You may need ongoing medical care, treatment, and therapy, including plastic surgery.

There may also be a legal component to your case, as well. If another person hurt you or was involved in your accident—or if a company, for example, was involved in what happened to you, such as a vehicle manufacturer responsible for a dangerous or defective car part—you should talk to a lawyer. There is no reason not to.

How Serious Are Burns?

Burn injuries can be caused by any number of sources – open flame, boiling water, chemicals, you name it – and can cause injuries ranging from slightly uncomfortable to devastatingly life-altering. In order to properly encompass the different types of injuries, burns are categorized in one of four levels of severity:

  • Fourth-degree burn: This type of burn often appears black, and may require surgical removal of the affected area and even amputation. This is the most severe type of burn, and affects the epidermis (the outer layer of skin), the dermis (the second layer of skin), the fat layer, the muscles, the tendons, and the bone.
  • Third-degree burn: This type of burn often appears wet or black and may leave the skin remaining in the surrounding area looking waxy or leathery. It affects the epidermis, the dermis, the fat layer, and more serious cases may result in destroyed nerves in the area. Third-degree burns are often the result of large fires, so the victim may also be suffering from carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning and have difficulty breathing as a result of excessive smoke inhalation.
  • Second-degree burn: This type of burn often appears wet or moist, and can leave the skin red, white, or splotchy. More serious cases can blister and cause scarring. It affects the epidermis and dermis.
  • First-degree burn: This type of burn leaves the skin red and potentially swollen, and affects the epidermis. In most cases, it will heal after about a week with first-aid.

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