Former ESD Teacher Not Sentenced Prison Time in Sex Abuse Case

The former teacher at the Episcopal School of Dallas who pled guilty to the sexual assault of a minor, Nathan Campbell, will not be doing time in prison for his crimes. This was announced as the result of a plea deal that was recently finalized.

In lieu of prison time, Mr. Campbell will serve 10 years of probation and will be required to maintain permanent registration as a sex offender. The charge of “improper student-educator relationship” was dropped. Mr. Campbell submitted a signed statement confessing his inappropriate relationship with the underage student, referred to in court proceedings as “Jane Doe II.”

Three weeks ago, a Dallas jury ruled in favor of Miss Doe and her family, awarding them approximately $9.2 million in compensatory and punitive damages. Dallas sexual abuse lawyers, Charla Aldous and Brent Walker of the Aldous / Walker represented the family. After the sentencing was completed, Miss Doe made a statement. Ms. Aldous held her hand as she spoke.

Securing the lifetime sexual registration penalty was important to Miss Doe and her family. As a result, Mr. Campbell will not be allowed to hurt other students, and others will be protected.