Aldous \ Walker Wins Sex Abuse Case Against Dallas Private School

Our firm, the Aldous / Walker, recently won an important case involving an Episcopal school in Dallas and a sex abuse scandal that the administration tried to cover up. A 16-year-old female student was expelled after it was discovered that she was involved in an inappropriate relationship with a male teacher at the Episcopal School of Dallas.

After hearing nine weeks of testimony, the six-person jury ruled in favor of the student—referred to as “Jane Doe II”—and her family, and ruled a verdict of $9.3 million against the school for wrongful expulsion, stating that the school had been egregiously negligent.

Lead Attorney Charla Aldous described the case as being about “a betrayal of trust” by both the teacher in question and by the school. Ms. Aldous was joined by Brent Walker and Cyndy Goosen in handling the case. Attorney Aldous is the lead attorney for the prestigious Dallas-based firm, the Aldous \ Walker.

The teacher in question—history teacher Nathan C.—faces multiple charges including the sexual assault of a child, and is now awaiting trial.

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