Aldous\Walker $71.95 Million Verdict Featured by The Dallas Morning News, Courtroom View Network and Others

Aldous\Walker’s latest victory, in a case against Walker Engineering, has garnered widespread media attention. The Dallas Morning News published an article titled “Death in 2019 Frito-Lay industrial accident results in $72 million jury award for family,” in which firm founder Charla Aldous is featured discussing the case.

“Our hope is that this will show that corporate shell games will not shield corporations from legal liability,” Ms. Aldous told The Dallas Morning News. “We hope it sends a message to other employers of skilled labor not to give lip service to safety but to actually commit to it.”

Texas Lawyer covered the story highlighting the nearly 1,000 court filings and other hurdles in its piece titled, “$72 Million Dallas Verdict Came After Nearly 1,000 Court Filings.”

“Walker Engineering created Walker Industrial and moved its employees under the Walker Industrial umbrella. So, there was a worker’s compensation (insurance) bar from any injuries in the workplace,” Ms. Aldous said in the article. “The jury saw that what they had on paper with the Secretary of State was not put into practice. The companies operated together.”

Courtroom View Network covered the case gavel-to-gavel, recording the entire trial on video. In an article titled “Dallas Jury Awards $71.95M In Wrongful Death Scissor Lift Trial, Beating $1.25M Settlement Offer,” Ms. Aldous discusses the legal hurdles the plaintiff team endured to hold Walker Engineering accountable.

“The jury believed that it was obvious that there was a lack of training,” Ms. Aldous told CVN. “We thought the evidence was clear that our client’s husband did nothing to cause this tragedy. We are so glad the jury agreed.”