Charla Aldous Discusses Fort Worth Student Sexual Abuse

Charla Aldous is quoted in a new article discussing child safety, written on the heels of a new scandal involving a teacher’s abuse of a student in Fort Worth. The article was published in Fort Worth Texas magazine as Part II of a story entitled “Is Your Child Safe?” Weeks after the original installment was published, Arlington Heights High School teacher Chad Hawkins went to authorities confessing his inappropriate conduct toward a female student.

The article quoted Charla Aldous, Dallas trial lawyer and founder of the Aldous / Walker. Ms. Aldous handled a similar case recently, involving a 16 year-old student who suffered abuse at the hands of a 24 year-old teacher at the Episcopal School of Dallas. Ms. Aldous is passionate about protecting other students from becoming victims. She believes there is a lot that schools can do in order to prevent sexual abuse.

Ms. Aldous stated her opinion that schools should not allow texting between students and teachers—which was a factor in the case at Arlington Heights High School. She also stated that many schools have designed good policies in order to protect students, but fail to actually enforce those policies, rendering them useless.

In the interview, Ms. Aldous told Fort Worth Texas magazine: “A lot of the policies and procedures they had in place, but if you don’t enforce them it doesn’t help at all.”

Read the full article on the Fort Worth Texas magazine website.