Lawdragon Details How Charla Aldous Defied Odds, Stereotypes to Succeed

Publication highlights firm founder’s accomplishments as mom of four and legal legend 

In a recent Lawdragon “Lawyer Limelight” story, the nationally recognized legal publication details the professional journey of Aldous\Walker firm founder Charla Aldous. The article shares how Charla, a single mother of four, was able to develop her practice and her firm and eventually become one of the most legendary plaintiff lawyers in the state of Texas.

Charla's journey as a young mother and lawyer meant bringing her work home and sharing details of her cases with her four children. She felt such conversations fortified the family and instilled positive values in them.

"I really tried to engage them in the process, so they'd understand that mom just wasn't neglecting them,” she told Lawdragon. “I was making a living, but also really trying to help people who, but for me, would not have a voice.

"I think it instilled in them a level of compassion for those who have suffered through tragedies."

The story also details Ms. Aldous’ 13-year law partnership with fellow name partner Brent Walker and the thrill she gets now that her daughter, Eleanor Aldous, is among the lawyers at her firm. She describes the mother-daughter working relationship as “a dream come true.”

Today, Charla represents several families who lost children in the Uvalde school shooting and a now-former Texas pediatric endocrinologist (who since has moved to California) offering gender-affirming care to transgender youth.

Read Lawdragon's Limelight” story, "Charla Aldous is Advocating for the Underserved in Texas," here.