Attorney Brent Walker

Attorney Brent Walker Gives Advice on Being a Plaintiff's Lawyer in Law360 Interview

Aldous \ Walker LLP attorney Brent Walker recently gave an interview to Law360 to give his insight on being a plaintiff’s trial lawyer.

Law360 is a widely read and distributed legal news publication operated by the Portfolio Media company, part of LexisNexis.

As a second-generation attorney, Walker has successfully recovered more than $250 million in verdicts and settlements for his clients in his first decade practicing law. In an effort to provide his clients with the dedicated and focused legal representation they require during their time of need, Walker and his partner Charla Aldous choose to limit their docket to only a dozen complex and often high-profile cases at a time.

Walker discussed a number of topics like advice to young plaintiff’s attorneys looking for guidance, important skills to have and improve in order to achieve success, and more. When asked what the most rewarding part about working as a plaintiff’s attorney, Walker said that,

“We have an agreement with everyone whom we represent. We ask that, when it’s all over, they provide some sort of memento that we can have here in our office, something personal that we can look at and remember them. People put a lot of thought into the decision of what to give us and through the years, we’ve received shadow boxes for our walls; hand prints or baby shoes of babies who have passed; a hat worn by a person whose cancer was not diagnosed until too late; books; eagle scout awards; personalized bracelets and more. On those days when the grind of litigation starts to wear me down, I need only look at these and see the lives we have impacted. That energizes me and fills my spirit to keep fighting for our clients.”

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