What to Know About Identifying Cerebral Palsy

Baby on MonitorWhile many expecting parents are excited about their new addition, there are times when this joy can turn into concern. One of these instances involves a birth injury causing a disorder such as cerebral palsy. While this can be a difficult situation, the excitement of parenthood shouldn’t fade.

Cerebral palsy can be any number of neurological disorders that a child can develop. It has a permanent effect on the movement of the body, as well as the muscle coordination. Roughly 10,000 infants are diagnosed with cerebral palsy each year. A number of children who have cerebral palsy may suffer from seizures, vision, hearing, and speech troubles, or even language issues.

Cerebral palsy cannot be cured, but there are options of treatment that can help improve the symptoms. Understanding what the symptoms are and the potential causes can be beneficial to you and your family.

The disorder can be caused by birth injuries such as infection, deprivation of oxygen, trauma during child birth, or more. When this happens, it can be a devastating situation because it may have been a preventable situation. Birth injuries are often caused by inattention or negligence on behalf of the doctors or nurses. This type of incident may allow the family to seek legal remedies for the damages that occurred as a result.

If your child suffers from cerebral palsy, our Dallas birth injury attorneys encourage you to seek legal advice to determine the exact cause. Our team at Aldous \ Walker can work with you to determine if you have a case against a negligent medical professional or hospital. Call us today and learn more about your legal options moving forward. We offer free consultations so you can gain a better understanding of your situation and make an informed decision on what step to take next.

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