Dangers of Medical Malpractice in Dallas Hospitals

Emergency room main entranceJust like in many of the hospitals throughout the United States and Texas, medical facilities in Dallas are susceptible to the dangers of medical malpractice. At Aldous \ Walker, our Dallas medical malpractice lawyers are well aware of the dangers and risks that patients face when they undergo various procedures or testing at hospitals. Unfortunately, situations arise in which some patients are not properly diagnosed or errors occur during surgery.

Just last year, the family of a Fort Worth woman filed a lawsuit against Texas Health Arlington Memorial Hospital, accusing the medical facility, a doctor in the ER, and a neurologist of numerous errors. According to the case, the woman had a seizure in December of 2013 and was transported to Texas Health Arlington Memorial Hospital where a CT scan allegedly showed blood on the brain. The family states that doctors diagnosed the woman with a sinus infection and a migraine stemming from work-related stress. The doctors released her and gave her medicine.

Later that day, the woman had a second seizure, and then a third on the way to a different hospital. She was subsequently taken off life support after her husband learned she was brain-dead.

At Aldous \ Walker, we know the various laws concerning medical malpractice in Dallas and how difficult it can be to prove negligence. We work hard to help patients and families of patients who have been harmed because of medical malpractice. Whether you or someone you love suffered as a result of misdiagnosis or medical errors, you may have the right to file a claim seeking compensation.

If you have suffered from medical malpractice in Dallas, trust a team that has proven to be capable of winning on behalf of our clients. Call us today to discuss your potential case in a free consultation and learn your legal options.