KERA 90.1 Features Attorney Charla Aldous in Nina Pham Lawsuit Coverage

In its coverage of the headline-grabbing lawsuit brought against Texas Health Resources on behalf of Nina Pham—a nurse who was working at Texas Health Presbyterian when Liberian patient Thomas Duncan died there of Ebola. As a result of treating Mr. Duncan, Ms. Pham was exposed to the disease and subsequently contracted it, along with another nurse at the hospital.

Ms. Pham is now pursuing a lawsuit against Texas Health Resources, the parent company that owns the hospital, alleging gross negligence, deception, and invasion of privacy. Charla Aldous, the Dallas trial lawyer who founded the Aldous \ Walker, is representing her. KERA 90.1 recently interviewed the notable attorney with regards to the high profile case. Ms. Aldous emphasized that it was not an easy decision for her client to make, but she felt it was the right thing to do. She believes in the importance of holding the hospital accountable for their alleged failures and deceptions.

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