Read Charla Aldous' Commentary on Midland Train Wreck

A story in the Odessa American has the latest on the Midland train wreck lawsuit. Our Dallas trial attorney Charla Aldous, the founder of the Aldous \ Walker, is quoted in the story as she provides commentary on the psychology involved in the case. Ms. Aldous is representing Marine Chef Warrant Officer Gary Stouffer’s family in the case. Mr. Stouffer was one of the four veterans killed in the accident, which occurred when a train collided with a parade float honoring wounded veterans.

Union Pacific has had multiple psychological tests performed on some of the plaintiffs involved in the case. These tests include the Personal Assessment Inventory (PAI), the Rorschach test, and the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI-2).

Ms. Aldous stated that the Stouffer family opposed redundant tests and Rorschach tests. She explained that the Rorschach test is inappropriate in the case and stated that some of the tests are redundant.