Khader Family Still Awaiting Justice; Celebrates Son's Birthday

Three years have passed since a drunk driver almost took Abdallah Khader’s life. This year, he is turning six years old, but he still suffers from the result of this collision, with brain damage that affects as much as 80% of his brain.

The drunk driver, Stewart Richardson, is still awaiting criminal trial for his charges. His blood alcohol content (BAC) at the time of the crash was over three times the legal limit. An Applebee’s in Mansfield, Texas served him the alcohol. The accident occurred when Mr. Richardson rear-ended the Khader family, who were stopped at a red light in Arlington.

Abdallah Khader is turning six. The family celebrated his birthday with Mickey Mouse party favors, a bounce house, and multiple cakes for his guests. Abdallah needs 24 / 7 care because of his injuries. The family worked hard to help get “Abdallah’s Law” passed, which guarantees stricter punishments for drunk drivers. But Mr. Richardson still has not faced trial.

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