Charla Aldous Featured in Yahoo News Story on Sandusky Trial

Initial jurors have been selected for the trial involving Jerry Sandusky, the Penn State coach accused of child molestation. The trial is to take place in Bellefonte, Pa. On Tuesday morning, over 220 candidates for the jury arrived at the courthouse. Initial jurors were quickly selected.

A Yahoo news story covers the selection of these jurors. Our very own Dallas trial lawyer—Charla Aldous, founder of the Aldous \ Walker—was consulted and quoted in the article. She gave her opinion that the strategy often favored by defense lawyers of maligning the character and credibility of witnesses is one she has a hard time accepting.

Ms. Aldous cited her own experience with this method, which she witnessed when representing a 16 year-old girl who attended the Episcopal School of Dallas when she was made the victim of her high school teacher’s inappropriate advanced. The school was held liable for wrongfully expelling the girl after the abuse was discovered, in a story that made headlines for weeks.

The article on Yahoo quotes Ms. Aldous as saying, “It was one of the most emotionally draining cases of my career. But it ended up being very therapeutic for her to take the stand. She was a very, very strong young lady.”

She advised witnesses in the Sandusky trial to stand strong. “You tell the truth, you look the jury in the eyes and tell them exactly what happened,” the Dallas trial lawyer told Yahoo. “And understand that after you tell the truth, it is up to the jury and God what happens. But you have courage for standing up.”

Read the full story and see Ms. Aldous’ quote on the Yahoo news website.