Administrator Involved in Dallas Episcopal School Case Promoted

A school official who was deeply involved in the recent civil lawsuit concerning a young girl who was sexually abused by her teacher at the Episcopal School of Dallas has been promoted. The administrator—Erin Mayo—is now the assistant head of school for academics in addition to her former role as head of Upper School. The announcement came Tuesday, a mere four months after the trial, which made headlines throughout the city.

A second administrator at the Episcopal School of Dallas who also played a key role in the case recently retired. Formerly the school’s chief academic officer, Rebecca Royall is resigning due to health problems.

The student, referred to as Jane Doe II for her privacy, was discovered to have had an inappropriate relationship with an older male teacher. The teacher was allowed to resign, and Miss Doe’s father was given the choice of taking his daughter out of school or letting her be expelled. At the time, Ms. Mayo wrote an email saying that she didn’t want Miss Doe “haunting the halls with her sad story.”

She later apologized for this email. Dallas trial lawyer Charla Aldous of the Aldous \ Walker, who represented the victim and her family in the civil lawsuit, stated that she believed Ms. Mayo should have been fired, and that she was shocked and saddened by news of her promotion.