Episcopal School of Dallas Hiring New Headmaster After Civil Case

The Episcopal School of Dallas—which recently lost a civil case involving sexual abuse allegations concerning an underage student and a teacher at the school—is now in the process of searching for a new headmaster.

Reverend Stephen Swann recently distributed a letter stating his intent to step away from the position of headmaster at the private Dallas-area school in order to take up the “chairman emeritus” position. The transition will take place within 18 months to 2 years, or when a new individual can be found for the position.

The letter did not say that the personnel change was in regards to the recent highly publicized lawsuit. Additionally, a board member at the school—Dick Heath—reiterated that the legal battle and the events surrounding it did not have anything to do with Rev. Swann’s decision.

Dallas trial attorney Charla Aldous, who represented the family, made a statement calling the headmaster’s stepping down a “feeble attempt” on the part of school officials to make the public feel that policies at the school are changing. The changes need to be real and fundamental, Ms. Aldous emphasized.

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