Dallas Crime Rate Drops in 2011; Crimes Still Make Headlines

For the eighth year in a row, crime rates in Dallas are set to drop. This would set a record. While this is positive news, unfortunately there were still many headline-grabbing news stories throughout the year. A recent article in The Dallas Morning News covers this crime drop while also highlighting some of the big news stories that did occur throughout the year.

One of the stories highlighted in the article was the sexual abuse of a student a the Episcopal School of Dallas. The civil lawsuit attached to this case, which the article referred to as “one of the city’s most talked about stories of 2011,” was handled by our team of Dallas trial lawyers at the Aldous \ Walker. We argued that the school was liable for gross negligence and fraud after wrongfully expelling the study when her abuse was discovered by school officials. The jury awarded the girl and her family $9.2 million in damages as a result. Our Dallas lawyers are passionate about fighting for justice and for our clients’ rights; this case was very important to us.

Read the full story about falling crime rates and the crimes that still made headlines in 2011 in this article on The Dallas Morning News website.