Aldous \ Walker Files for Sanctions Against ESD for Improper Conduct

On behalf of their client, Dallas trial lawyers Charla Aldous and Brent Walker requested Judge D’Metria Benson impose sanctions against the defendants in a highly publicized case involving sexual abuse at a Dallas private high school. The Episcopal School of Dallas and the legal counsel for the school have been accused of numerous forms of wrongdoing, including perjury, obstruction of justice, witness tampering, acts of intimidation, and concealing evidence.

The attorneys are requesting reimbursement of legal fees incurred with regards to these allegations, totaling $92,465.90 plus any monetary sanctions to be leveled at the discretion of the court. More details about the allegations and requested sanctions are detailed in the article linked below.

The case against the Episcopal School of Dallas involved the sexual abuse of a 16 year-old student and a 34 year-old teacher, Nathan Campbell. The Aldous \ Walker represented the victim, referred to as Jane Doe II for her privacy, and her family. After nine weeks of trial proceedings, the jury awarded the girl and her family $9.2 million. The Episcopal School of Dallas is liable for fraud and neglect in the case because officials wrongfully expelled the child after the inappropriate relationship was discovered.

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