Dallas Morning News Prints Editorial on Episcopal School Case

The Dallas Morning News published an editorial explaining how the recent jury ruling against the Episcopal School of Dallas—with damages totaling approximately $9.2 million—should serve as a word of caution to other school officials. In this case, a 16 year-old high school student—referred to as “Jane Doe II”—was abused by a 34 year-old history teacher, Nathan Campbell.

Schools, both public and private, are culpable in protecting their students. School administrators are where the “buck” stops. Case in point: the teacher involved in this particular case is responsible for 60% of the total damages. The Episcopal School of Dallas is responsible for 40% of the damages owed to the “Doe” family.

Instead of protecting their student, the Episcopal School of Dallas expelled Miss Doe, effectively “blaming” and punishing the victim. The Aldous \ Walker stood with the Doe family in fighting this injustice in court. Our Dallas trial lawyers, Charla Aldous and Brent Walker, argued that the expulsion was wrongful. The jury sided with the Doe family, and ruled against the Episcopal School of Dallas. Other schools would do well to take notice.