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Aldous \ Walker LLP Representing Widow of Welder Reportedly Killed on Unsafe Job Site

Attorney Charla Aldous is representing a welder’s widow whose husband, according to the lawsuit, was crushed to death while painting a 30-foot long and 8,000-pound steel beam by himself.

According to court documents, Burl Strickland was ordered to paint the steel beam alone, without any supervision or assistance. He only had a crane system which was intended to be used by at least two people for his task, and this equipment reportedly had multiple defective parts.

Strickland’s body was discovered between a catwalk rail and the steel beam by two OMi Crane Services workers. The autopsy revealed that his death was caused by blunt force trauma to the chest.

“[Strickland’s death] was preventable and caused solely by the OMi defendants’ conscious disregard for the employee safety and recklessness as an employer,” states the suit.

Susan Strickland filed the wrongful death suit against OMi Holdings, Inc.; Hoist Parts, Inc.; doing business as OMi Crane Services; and Main Street Capital Corp., and is seeking a jury trial and unspecified monetary damages.

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