Defending our Communities and Holding Corporations Accountable

Charla G. Aldous set to begin a major fraud trial in Sherman, Texas against Texas Health Resources.

On Monday morning, Charla G. Aldous of Aldous \ Walker LLP returns to her hometown of Sherman, Texas and to the very courtroom where she tried her first jury trial decades ago. In a jury trial Charla will be representing Wilson N. Jones Memorial Hospital against Arlington-based Texas Health Resources and other entities. The lawsuit alleges that THR defrauded Wilson N. Jones Memorial Hospital into selling the hospital to THR by making false promises. The suit also alleges that THR and its co-venturers then breached the sale contract and broke the very promises Wilson N. Jones relied upon in deciding to sell to THR. Further, the suit alleges that as a result of THR’s misconduct, the Hospital lost millions of dollars of essential financing and was abandoned when THR pulled out before fulfilling THR’s promise of a 5 year commitment to the community.

Charla is proud to be representing Wilson N. Jones Hospital, where she and all four of her children were born, in front of her hometown jury. “This case is about a community being betrayed. I have sought to hold THR accountable for bad conduct in multiple cases, and I look forward to exposing THR’s latest bad conduct to a jury who will be made up of the very community THR betrayed this time. I will not stop until THR starts living up to its stated mission and puts the safety of our communities above its profits and THR brand,” Charla says. Charla’s previous fights against the THR system include a 2004 trial in which a jury awarded $366 million to a cardiologist mistreated by this hospital system, as well as a case pending in Dallas County brought by Nurse Nina Pham who alleges invasion of privacy and that she contracted Ebola because of the negligence of THR.

The trial beginning Monday morning will have a direct impact on the citizens of Grayson County. In 1901, the successful rancher and famous chief of the Choctaw Nation, Wilson Nathaniel Jones passed away in Sherman where he lived. Chief Jones made a bequest in his will that directed a large portion of his substantial estate to the creation and maintenance of a hospital in Sherman for the citizens of North Texas and the Choctaw Nation. Today, that bequest is carried forward by the Wilson N. Jones Memorial Hospital charitable trust which owned the hospital since 1914 until its sale to THR in 2010.

Any recovery against the Defendants in this case will go to the Wilson N. Jones Foundation to help provide healthcare for the indigent in Grayson County, Texas.