Charla Aldous Holds THR and Its Co-Defendant Accountable, Securing Settlement in Sherman Hospital Case

Charla Aldous secures a settlement on eve of trial that will benefit the indigent of Grayson County.

Attorneys with Aldous \ Walker have secured a confidential settlement in litigation that alleged Texas Health Resources and LHP Hospital Group committed fraud in the 2010 acquisition of Wilson N. Jones Memorial Hospital in Sherman, Texas. On Monday morning, after more than a year of denying responsibility, THR and its co-defendant chose to settle rather than face the alternative: confronting Charla Aldous and the rest of the trial team in front of a Grayson County jury. At the insistence of the Defendants, the amount of the settlement is confidential.

Other members of the trial team included co-counsel Roger Sanders, Mike Young, and Laura Gallardo of Sanders, O’Hanlon, Motley & Young, PLLC and Scott Pelley and Jake Pelley of Scott Pelley, P.C.

"There is nothing I love more than being in trial and fighting for my clients in front of a jury. Some part of me is sad the case settled," Charla said. "But when you can accomplish your goals by accepting a settlement, it is hard to turn that down. I am happy that we were able to hold the defendants accountable and send a message that you cannot hurt communities like THR did and abandon them without consequences. And I am especially proud that the recovery will go to the Wilson N. Jones Community Foundation to help provide health care to the indigent in Grayson County."

Charla will get another opportunity to hold THR accountable when she represents Ebola survivor Nina Pham before a Dallas County jury in a trial currently set in October. In that case, Charla expects to show the world how THR's failures caused the young nurse to contract the deadly Ebola virus and violated Nina's right to privacy by using her without permission in a desperate attempt to salvage THR's crumbling reputation.