Martin v. Medical City - Medical Malpractice Case of a Child With Cerebral Palsy Part One

"It's emotionally tough sometimes, and sometimes I wonder how many more cases I have it in me to take because people often told me I get too emotionally involved in cases. My response is if I cease doing that then I need to stop practicing law because if I needed a lawyer I would want someone who is emotionally invested in my case. And in Rachael's case it was terrible. I would go to a deposition and the deposition would go great for the case, and I would hesitate calling Rachael's parents to tell them about the deposition because I would think if that were my child and I heard this news I can't fathom how it would feel to think that not only did I lose my child but it didn't have to happen. And so I think bringing that humanity to the case in that type of compassion is beneficial to the clients and it's what I love about my job."