Giovanni Homes v. Oncor Electric Delivery - Companies Can Be Plaintiffs Too

"You know when I was first contacted about doing business litigation I didn't think I'd be interested. I just couldn't see getting my heart into it. But I've done quite a few business litigation cases and I've enjoyed them because I still see an underdog and I love righting a wrong. In the Giovanni Homes, quite frankly the reason I took that case is one of my best friends called and said, 'I need you to help me try this case.' And I said, 'Ok I'm there.' And I met the client first and just fell in love with him. And he was a small businessman who had built his business from the bottom up. I mean he picked himself up by his own bootstraps and had really worked hard. And this company, Oncor, came in and just treated him terribly. And whether it was motivated by evil, I'm not going to say, but I can say it was not motivated by respect for a person that didn't have the power that a huge company like Oncor had. And it felt good. It felt good taking them on. It felt good having them held accountable for something that was really insignificant in their corporate world, but was life-changing for my client and I loved it."