Bostic v. Georgia Pacific - Family Seeks Justice in Mesothelioma Death Case

"Basically, to make a long story short, we had to retry the case and the second time around, Harold Bostic passed away during the trial right after he testified. The stress and the pain that man was under was as palpable as any I've ever seen. And it was hard to continue with that second trial after Harold wasn't there. There was a vacant chair where he had been there to try to be a voice for his son. But his spirit was there and when we tried that second case and finished it up, in my heart I was thinking, 'Harold we're not going to let you down. We're going to make sure that Timmy's death was not in vain and that you understand that your voice was heard.' And after we got the verdict, Harold's widow sent me the bandanna that he had carried every day during the course of those two trials and sent me one of the little figures that Timmy Bostic had made when he was a little boy that his father had kept on his nightstand all those years. Harold's spirit is still alive, as is Timmy's."