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Attorney Charla Aldous Appears on True Crime Podcast Criminal

Aldous \ Walker LLP Partner Charla Aldous was a recent guest on the critically acclaimed podcast Criminal. Regarded among the best new radio shows in America, the podcast features a new story each episode focusing on true crime.

Charla was a guest on an episode entitled Racehorse Haynes, the 99th episode in the Criminal podcast series. The episode focused on the late Richard “Racehorse” Haynes, a renowned Texas criminal defense attorney known for helping T. Cullen Davis prevail in a pair of seemingly impossible homicide trials in the 1970s, as well as his unusual though successful defense of Morganna “The Kissing Bandit.” He is considered one of the country’s most exceptional defense attorneys.

In addition to a record of success in difficult cases, Haynes was known for his creative and colorful defense strategies, and charismatic courtroom presence. Though his courtroom theatrics are infamous – including his cross-examination of an empty chair and shocking himself with a cattle prod – Haynes’s intellect, skill, and abilities were widely respected.

Having tried a case with Racehorse Haynes, Charla Aldous has first-hand experience with his exceptional skill and winning demeanor. A skilled litigator in her own right with hundreds of trials under her belt, Charla tells host Phoebe Judge how Haynes’ courtroom presence was unlike anything she’d ever seen, particularly when it came to how comfortable he came across:

“He didn’t try to act like a lawyer. He was just Richard Racehorse Haynes, a person, talking to regular people. He was fearless.”

You can listen to the full Criminal podcast featuring Attorney Charla Aldous here.

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