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How to Look Up Product Recalls

Product RecallEvery day, new products are introduced to help us, make us more efficient, entertain us, or help treat medical conditions and try to improve our health. Most of these products are safe. However, an alarming number of products are in fact dangerous or have unintended consequences that can harm us. Our Dallas product liability lawyers at Aldous \ Walker are often called to assist people who are catastrophically injured by defective consumer products, pharmaceutical and medical devices. Because of such lawsuits, we have been able to help families and to make our community safer by holding companies accountable and forcing them to improve or remove dangerous products. One such example is the case of Rachael Martin, where after a $268.7 million verdict, a drug manufacturer changed the warning label to hopefully avoid the same tragedy Rachael suffered. While we are proud to help in such cases, we also want to help make sure people know how to avoid dangerous products before tragedy strikes.

Have you ever read news about a product being recalled and wondered what it meant? Were you curious to look up if an item you own had been recalled? Our Dallas product liability lawyers at Aldous \ Walker are here to help. We want you to know how to look up recalls and understand why they are so important.

Looking Up Recalls

If you wanted to look up a recalled product, you can use the site to do so. This site lists recent recalls and allows you to search recalls in various industries from consumer products, automobiles, other vehicles such as boats, food, medicine, and more.

Navigating the site will let you check what the recall was for, how many units of each product was recalled, and the results of the problems. For instance, if a certain electronic device was recalled, it may be because the wires have issues and there are risks of electrocution. Or perhaps a car has been recalled for an issue that makes the car stop. This can cause a serious accident.

Why It’s Important

Knowing what products have been recalled can be crucial to the safety of you and your family. These products are recalled for a reason and most often it is because they pose some kind of risk of danger. Looking up the recalls that have occurred can help you prevent a potential accident. Usually, the maker of the product will provide you with a safer replacement. This way you can still have the product without worrying about issues.

Call Aldous \ Walker today if you have suffered an injury as a result of a defective product. We are here to help you seek compensation you may need to cover medical expenses, rehabilitation, lost wages, and more. Free consultations are available to discuss your potential claim.