Settlement Secured for Rabbi Injured at Ft. Worth Kosher Processing Plant

The Aldous \ Walker represented a rabbi in North Texas who almost lost his arm in an industrial accident at a slaughterhouse and kosher meat processing plant located in Fort Worth called Frontier Meats. The injury, which occurred in 2010, happened when the rabbi’s right arm was caught, crushed, and almost cut off by a piece of machinery.

Charla Aldous, our Dallas trial lawyer, represented Rabbi Peretz Shapiro, who had been working part-time as a contracted mashgiach or ritual slaughterer for Alle Processing Corporation, a company that had hired Frontier to craft kosher meat products. However, the rabbi did not receive any training or instructions with regards to the dangerous equipment at the plant. He was instructed to stand much too close to one of these pieces of equipment, and almost lost his arm.

Attorney Aldous represented Rabbi Shapiro successfully, securing a confidential settlement on his behalf.