UT Southwestern Will Pay $3.6 Million in Discrimination Case

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Dr. Naiel Nassar recently won his lawsuit against the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center for employment discrimination based on his race and religion. Judge Jane Boyle presided over the case, and a jury awarded Dr. Nassar $3.6 million in damages after determining that discrimination and retaliation were present in his case.

A native of Egypt and a Muslim, Dr. Nassar was one of several subjects of verbal abuse by Dr. Beth Levine. His career was impeded as Dr. Levine refused to promote him. This unwillingness to advance Dr. Nassar was due to racial and religious discrimination, witnesses stated.

Eventually, Dr. Levine resigned from his position to take a new job at Parkland Hospital. He wrote a letter to the dean, Dr. J. Gregory Fitz, stating that his resignation was due to the discrimination he had received. Dr. Fitz and Dr. Levine then worked successfully to block his getting the new job at Parkland.

Charla Aldous, a Dallas trial attorney, represented Dr. Nassar in his lawsuit against UT Southwestern.

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