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What Is Cerebral Palsy?

Cerebral palsy is not a disease, but a neurological disorder. It is caused by a brain injury that occurs when a child’s brain is still developing—usually up until the age of three or five.

Cerebral palsy can inhibit:

  • Body control
  • Muscular coordination
  • Muscle tone
  • Motor skills
  • Posture
  • Reflexes
  • Balance

Are all cases of cerebral palsy caused by medical negligence?

One of the most common questions we receive as birth injury attorneys is "what causes cerebral palsy?" While in many cases the disorder is caused by a medical mistake or neglect, there are many other cases where that is not the case. While all cases of cerebral palsy stem from injury or malformation of the brain (such as periventricular leukomalacia, hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy, intraventricular hemorrhage, or cerebral dysgenesis) this doesn't always indicate malpractice. If you are unsure what caused your son or daughter to be born with cerebral palsy, we invite you to contact our Texas cerebral palsy lawyers for a free review of your case.

Texas Birth Injury Lawyers Offering Counsel

In some cases, cerebral palsy is relatively minor, only impacting certain areas of an individual's life. In other cases, the condition can severely impact the individual’s life. These symptoms are life-long. There is no cure for cerebral palsy, though therapy and other treatments can help bring some improvements over time.

If your child suffered a birth injury that led to cerebral palsy, you need to seek legal help. You could have a birth injury case on your hands.

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In many cases, cerebral palsy is the result of medical error or negligence. Working closely with an injury attorney who has experience in these types of cases could prove life changing for both you and your child. Our team at Aldous \ Walker is here to help you. We have years of experience and we’ve tried hundreds of cases. We know how to take your case the distance—and we’re ready to do so. Speak with our Texas trial attorneys at your earliest convenience for more information about how our team can help you.

Contacting a Texas Cerebral Palsy Lawyer

In many cases, cerebral palsy is the result of head trauma or a lack of oxygen occurring during birth, but this is best determined by an experienced cerebral palsy attorney. If you believe negligence on the part of your healthcare provider may have caused or contributed to your child’s injury, you should speak with a lawyer.

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